D’Andrea&D’Andrea is a business group leader in the home-building industry. The Group took its first steps more than 50 years ago thanks to Michele D’Andrea (Senior), who laid down the winning philosophy and the values ​​of a serious, innovative and reliable company.
The Group, which is much appreciated for its ideas and achievements both in the town-planning and residential sectors, operates mainly in Abruzzo region, but also in the Parma and Bologna areas and in Sardinia. Company organization is characterized by dynamic management, keyed to the needs of anyone seeking both residential and commercial solutions.
Testifying to the company’s achievements are the more than 50 residential complex developments – more than 4,000 property units delivered to as many satisfied families.


Vision: A home is a precious asset to be Enjoyed! That’s why, in our vision, Homes must enhance Cities and People.
Mission: to create, design and implement housing solutions as industry leaders,
namely: – design and architectural styles with a strong identity and in step with the times and the surrounding district;
– care and attention as regards the design of spaces to ensure comfort and liveability;
– careful choice of quality materials;
– economic sustainability of the home to make it accessible for everyone.
Values: the three Group guidelines have always been:
the quality of the houses it builds, innovation for the comfort of homeowners and environmental sustainability.
For us, quality means an on-going quest for the best materials during construction and for finishing interiors. Materials to create homes made to last. We are committed to improving the quality of life, with buildings made according to well-defined ecological standards, in full compliance with principles of environmental sustainability.
We apply these parameters to all construction stages: from design, to worksite, right up to final property management, with total respect for the environment and energy resources. Focus on innovation is a hallmark of our projects. Through research and the application of cutting-edge methodologies and technologies, we work to improve the comfort and safety of the people who live in the houses we build.


The Italy of the Sixties, experiencing the economic boom.
After the difficult post-war reconstruction years, Michele D’Andrea and his brother-in-law Giovanni Di Luozzo set up “D’Andrea & Di Luozzo”. Michele D’Andrea, who hailed from Forli del Sannio, in Molise, achieved his first encouraging results with the construction of residential unit in the town of Isernia.

The Seventies: The company grows and solidifies its position, in Abruzzo.
These were the years in which the company expanding its business in Abruzzo, and more specifically in the Pescara area. Michele realized that Pescara and its “suburbs” were particularly interesting areas for their business. Montesilvano, especially, was seen as a potential driving force for commercial and social development: its excellent geographical location, easily accessible through a renewed communication network together with an intensification of trade, made it a suitable place for the realization of far-reaching projects. These were years in which building concentrated mainly on seaside holiday accommodation, characterized by bold colour contrasts; the unmistakable colours of artist Franco Summa, which continue to make the buildings along the coast between Pescara and Montesilvano one of a kind.

The Eighties: “D’Andrea & Di Luozzo” becomes “D’Andrea & D’Andrea”.
The company changes its name to “D’Andrea & D’Andrea,”, a partnership between Michele and his son Alberto. Alberto D’Andrea, in the company since he was a boy until his degree in architecture, indicates the new path: from summer holiday residential complexes to all-year-round residential units, designed to make Montesilvano a real seaside resort. These are the years in which the D’Andrea & D’Andrea Group solidifies its position. New synergies and new companies are created to better face market and town-planning challenges. This is the period during which the company’s vocation for designing and redeveloping entire urban areas lays the foundations for the further developments of the Nineties. Hence the residential complexes Stellaverde, Asteria, Villa Esedra and many others are completed. Special mention must go to the Aquamarine complex: 110 apartments in the pinewood between Pescara and Montesilvano – a real breakthrough concept for the area’s building industry in that period.

The Nineties: a dream comes true – “Città di SOLARIA”.
The mark made on and contribution given to the company by Alberto, along with the extensive experience of the Group, produce new ideas and new perspectives, setting the stage for outstanding development, which sees D’Andrea & D’Andrea play a lead role for the following 20 years, with projects that positively affect the new urban scenarios of Montesilvano (Detailed Plan 1). Città di Solaria, a project which is still on-going, has witnessed the contribution of Urban Planners and Architects of international renown such as Oriol Bohigas, Aldo Rossi and Lucien Kroll. Thanks to the combination of Alberto D’Andrea’s design skills and an efficient sales department, the Group extended its business into other Italian cities, most notably Parma. The decade ended with the realization of a project which confirms the “mission” of turning Montesilvano into a town: the Porto Allegro shopping arcade and Multiplex Cinema, the most innovative of the period and which still sets the standards today. In the late Nineties, Alberto died, but his strong imprint had already characterized the firm’s future.

Year ‘00, but of the second millennium
These are the years leading up to the present, characterized by the development of projects launched in the previous decade. Residential complexes are built of great commercial and architectural value, not only in Abruzzo, but also in Parma, Bologna and Sardinia.
These are the years in which, sure of its position as industry leader, the company provides its customers with the very best products and the best services available on the property development market. D’Andrea & D’Andrea undergoes the inspection of its uni en iso 9001 certified quality system. The new millennium brings with it new challenges. Architectural proposals combine with Urban Design and become boldly contemporary; the choice of building materials is definitely innovative. All this takes on concrete shape in the enhancement of Pescara’s city centre, which today can be seen and experienced in Via Trento with “VIA TRENTO PLACE” and in Via Carducci with “ONE HUNDRED”.
These are also the years in which the group’s residential buildings differ to respond to the needs of a housing market which rewards quality and attention to price.

11 January 2015: Michele D’Andrea (Senior) dies at the age of 88.
Michele and Alberto, Father and Son, two strong benchmark figures who determined the Vision and Mission of what it means to be builders at D’Andrea & D’Andrea. This entrepreneurial heritage continues today thanks to Rita (daughter of Michele senior), to Michele (junior), Albert’s son and to all those employees who for decades have contributed to the success of D’Andrea & D’Andrea.


Solidity. The company – on the market for the past 50 years – provides peace of mind to its partners,
its suppliers and especially to those who buy a D’Andrea & D’Andrea property. Integrated approach. The experience acquired by its design department and on-going research into innovation make it possible to quickly respond to every living space personalisation need.
Excellent value for money. Buying now means making a reliable investment over time.